Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why I'm not blogging. . .

. . .because I kind of hate it!!  I can't even tell you how much internal groaning and eye-rolling I'm doing just writing these few sentences.  But I figured I had to at least have a 2nd post this year.  So I guess I'm just writing, to say why I'm not writing?  Blech.  When I first started blogging, it was fun and cathartic.  Now it's just a burden.  Anyway, life is just so incredibly crazy busy and I never have time for casual blogging anymore.  I never feel "caught up" with all the things I need to/want to be doing, and blogging just isn't super high on the priority list. 

Things are going well with our little family. . .perhaps I'll do an update post at some point. 

1 comment:

Lis said...

I'll miss your posts, but glad you're doing what's best for you- that's awesome!!