Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween 2012

I just love Halloween.  It is by far my favorite holiday.  We aren't super into commercial Christmas or birthdays/anniversaries, but I do love Halloween.  I would love to just deck my house out from top to bottom but until I have a garage with endless storage space I'm going to have to be content being confined to the box of decorations I have.  We did have a mist pot this year so that was cool. 

I LOVE dressing up but the last couple years there hasn't really been any reason too which was sad.  Our ward doesn't allow costumes at the Halloween party which is really dumb.  Thankfully my aunt threw a big party so me and my sisters dressed up as KARDASHIAN!  Haha. 

The original idea was for it to be a big group costume, so Kav and her husband could be Khloe and Lamar, and then Michael and Bennett would be Scott and Mason.  Perfect, right?  We were trying to talk my dad into being Bruce Jenner (it would have been AWESOME).  But alas. . .my dad and bro-in-law were party poopers and so we decided just to do the 3 of us girls.

Bennett was Bam-Bam.  I wanted to make Pocket a Dino costume but ran out of time so I just used the leftover material and made some quick vests and said the pups were his "ferocious" saber toothed tigers (which is hilarious if you know our pups. . .in fact at this moment, Little Red is stretched out on my lap, belly up, snoring.  Very intimidating.)

Here's a picture of this candy corn fudge I tried to make.  I was really pleased with the way the colors came out with the dye mixes I made, but the fudge didn't set as hard as I would have liked so the edges weren't clean when I cut it.  Oh well.  It was yummy and it looked good enough that you could tell what it was.
As far as actual Halloween night. . .we got 113 trick-or-treaters!  It was insane!  I'm glad we counted because every year I get nervous at the last minute about running out of treats and we run out and get more.  Now we'll have a much better estimate for next year.  We always have our friends Pete and Rachel come over for Halloween.  Rachel makes a delicious stew cooked inside a pumpkin, and we make caramel apples.  Still on the search for the perfect recipe for that. . .

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Lacee said...

Seriously? We only got 4 people! Next time I think I'll leave the lights off.